Dive Sites


dive site AKITSUSHIMA MARU – seaplane tender, the battle ship escort
dive site TAEIE MARU – Japanese oiler ship
dive site OLYMPIA MARU – most dive wreck, Japanese supply cargo ship
dive site KOGYO MARU – Japanese supply cargo ship
dive site TANGAT (morozan maru) – Japanese refrigeration supply ship
dive site IRAKO MARU – Japanese supply cargo ship, deepest wreck
dive site KYUKUZAN MARU – Japanese supply cargo ship
dive site NANSHIN MARU – Japanese supply cargo ship
dive site EAST TANGAT GUNBOAT – tugboat and submarine chaser
dive site LUSONG GUNBOAT – enlisted personnel carrier (EPC) boat
dive site SKELETON WRECK – cargo ship
dive site BARGE WRECK – barge cargo
dive site CATHEDRAL CAVE – located at calis point
dive site BARRACUDA LAKE – thermal lake diving
dive site TWIN PEAKS – coral reef sanctuary
dive site SIETE PECADOS – coral reef sanctuary
dive site CYC REEF – training area for diving courses, coral reef sanctuary
dive site ARNI’S POINT – macro photography and coral reef site
dive site 5-5 SEA HORSE REEF – night diving area and helmet diving area