Expedition Dive

Expedition Unlimited Dive

(This Service is not available at the momment !)

Coron Divers Expedition Unlimited Dive is our new offer to divers who would like to have an overnight in the white sand beach area for either 3days/2nights, 4days/3nights and 5days/4nights. During the trip, you will also visit Culion and some villages where you can mingle with the locals or natives, have bottom fishing, swimming/snorkeling on sanctuary reefs and more. This expedition will start in mid September 2009.
For more inquiries, please call us (+63) 920-945-7637 or (+63) 917-517-8108.

[ Itinerary ]

First Day
Depart at 9 AM

  • 1st dive Olympia Maru Wreck
  • 2nd dive Taiei Maru Wreck
  • 3rd dive Nanshin Maru Wreck
  • 4th dive Night dive
  • 1st overnight at white sand beach Black Island

Second Day

  • Morning dive Akitsushima Wreck
  • 2nd dive Landing Craft Barge Wreck
  • 3rd dive Calumbuyan Drift Diving
  • 4th Dive Night Dive
  • 2nd overnight at Calumbuyan island Beach

Third Day

  • Morning dive Irako Wreck
  • 2nd dive Kogyo Maru Wreck
  • 3rd dive Tangat Wreck
  • 4th dive East Tangat Wreck
  • 3rd overnight at CYC island

Fourth Day

  • Morning dive Barracuda Lake
  • 2nd dive Twin Peaks
  • 3rd dive Siete Picados
  • 4th dive Arnis Point Reef
  • Back to Coron Town

– Minimum of four (4) divers per expedition trip for 5,000/day per diver.
– Dive schedule may changes with approval of the divers/guest.
– Extra dives are free of charge within the expedition trip days.
– Three meals, two snacks will be serve everyday.